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Just a convenience here when you need

I’ll put out the fire when it’s get out of control

I’ll calm the storm so that it won’t wake you

I’ll be your pawn while you wait for your Queen

oh don’t worry about me

I’ll keep quiet let you get it out of your system

Until you all realize I’m trying to save you from yourselves.


Pressure boils over wanting to create a burn

pressing on because you know it’s what you want

no one said it would be easy

following your dreams

wanting a life of freedom from the chains of money

keep on writing moving that mind, keep turning,

keep learning, disappointment can’t stay here

only room for hope and positive thinking

leaving sickness and your demons to choke on your light

don’t dim, stay lit, can’t let you go out

won’t let you die

I see what can be and I want to go for it

because I won’t let there be another choice

another hour, another day full of regrets

I got to get up and push forward.

take no notice

when are you gonna wake up
from a dream that’s full of lies
that only feeds the misery that lives inside
reality sucks and this world
you have created is beautiful
but it wont last forever
just stay here for a while longer
I guess only because it keeps you sane
when reality comes knocking
I’ll tell it to go away it’s not wanted
I’ll try to keep that up for as long as I can
life isn’t gonna wait much longer
and isn’t going to be polite
so when are you gonna wake up
it has no patience and grows tired
it knows your there
it’s only a matter of time
before it breaks through and you’ll have no choice
but to finally face reality

Itching for perfection
in a world that can’t define what it means
searching for stability
in an unstable world
the game is set up
for you to lose long before you started playing
but at least your being entertained
while you stand there
being robbed
it’s useless to keep anything
you can’t take it with you
your left here to die
continue to smile while everyone
feeds you lies


take your sword the battle is beginning
oh you’re not prepared?
too bad you gotta go anyway
make sure you succeed
because if not the wounds will surely kill you
doesn’t matter if you don’t know where you’re going
no one else knows either
despite what they tell you
we’re all lost wondering til our deaths
why do we breed?
for superficial reasons?
because society tells us so?
we certainly don’t need more
your sword’s damaged
oh well you only get one
make the best of it
until you can’t take anymore
but no one will listen
your wasting valuable breath
save it for the war up ahead

Press the repeat button once more
it’s all we know
think we’re moving ahead
when we’re only going backwards
try recalling where did it go wrong
smashing the walls around me
only to find another in it’s place
and my hands are bleeding
give me something to numb this
pretend it doesn’t exist
it’s what we do best
raise your glass to another
messed up generation
on repeat same movie different actors
same outcome, why even try
why even bother
repeat repeat spinning spinning
laws we sadly live by


Don’t know what happiness is
only what I should think it
should be, running away
to prove a point
just don’t know what it is
and I’m repeatedly running
into a wall
breaking everything
that isn’t my soul yet
pacing myself
knowing that this is it
the truth is ugly bitch
and I’m done here
but can’t leave just yet


Packing up
with nowhere to go
feeling out of control
realizing everyone around me
had me as their piece on a board
now that I know
what do I do with that
feeling in control
still with no place to go
can’t move I’m stuck to the floor

chosing nothing

following what I think is the right path
but it only leads to another dead-end
grab something to break it
see an opening here’s my chance
to start over, sunlight touches my face
only to feel like acid rain
and burns my face
moments later look for shelter
under the concrete
close my eyes and maybe I’ll stop breathing
here I know I can’t escape
so cheers to accepting my fate


I look around and all I see
is greedy people chasing me
so selfish, uncaring
how could we love another species
if we can’t love one another first
we want things now
but forget the process
patience isn’t always the enemy
I try to remember things happen for a reason
but its tough when you’re lying in feces
everybody’s in a rush
think their going somewhere
all their simply doing is going around in circles
paper has now become our everything
can’t live without it
wonder what the future holds
if we keep going